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Engineers and innovators for the nautical, fifth Sardinian "company"

The fifth "company" of the Sardinia for turnover is the nautical one. According to the 2022 balance sheets of the companies in the sector analysed by Cipnes Gallura and UniOlbia, the sector generates revenues of over 400 million euros and creates 2,250 direct jobs. Consequently, the economy of Sardinia is strongly influenced by boating, one of the voices of the Blue Economy.

Boating is an important sector because it produces boats and yachts "Made in Sardinia". But also because Sardinia is one of the places preferred by superyachts, with the Costa Smeralda that is established as one of the main destinations in the world for this luxury category.

Why boating is the sector of the future

For UniOlbia, boating is part of its future. For two reasons.

First point: offered from the University of Cagliari, the course of triennial degree in Naval Engineering will be born in Olbia.

This will be accompanied by a master’s degree with the partnership of the Federico II University of Naples. The naval engineers will be trained, and subsequently the yacht designers, of which the enterprises of the nautical one of the Sardinia need.

Second point: established by the University of Sassari, the Department of Innovation will be born in Olbia.

They will be studied new materials and new processes for the industry and the tourism of the nautical one in Sardinia.

This shows a great commitment of the Sardinian universities in favor of the new generations and the territory of Sardinia.

Therefore, boating has a sustainable future. As shown by the report made by Cipnes Gallura, in collaboration with UniOlbia. ▶️ Here the study.

But let’s go into the details of a sector, boating, which has many strengths for the new generations who will choose to stay in Olbia, or come to Olbia, for university training.

What is boating

To begin with, we need to define what boating is. There are many definitions for this area. Our suggestions include a "minimum definition".

Boating includes several sectors: industry (design, production and refit of yachts), tourism (management of marinas, rental and assistance of boats), trade (sale of yachts and nautical products), entertainment (boating, sailing, water sports). Boating is a part of the Blue Economy, or Economy of the Sea. However, it is connected to many other sectors, such as hospitality, agribusiness, metallurgy and wood, from which it receives goods and services and to which it offers a market for these goods and services.

The nautical world in Italy

According to "The nautical one in figures", an annual analysis lead from Nautical Confindustria, the Italian nautical (that it includes the production of yacht, accessories, motors and refit) has generated revenues for 7 billion 300 million euros in 2022. Pleasure and sports boats, such as yachts and superyachts, rank sixth in the ranking of the top 20 products exported from Italy from 2000 to 2022, with a growth of 298.7%. This is one of the most dynamic sectors of the Italian economy. They are also the product with the highest international trade balances, with 3.4 billion.

Analysis of the nautical chain of Sardinia

In collaboration with UniOlbia, Cipnes Gallura has examined the nautical sector of Sardinia. For the industry we have used the setting of the nautical Confindustria, but we have also taken into consideration the nautical tourism, an important voice in Sardinia. To determine the scope of the analysis, we consulted the balance sheets of the companies in the sector with the Ateco codes of the sector and we extracted the accounting data with the Atoka-Cerved tool.

The production and refit of yachts, the management of marinas and the sale of nautical products are all components of the supply chain. For a methodological issue more clear and close to reality, we have chosen to examine only the accounts of companies with registered office in Sardinia or with headquarters in our island, which we know and have verified.

Revenues of 403 million

We have found 1885 companies of the nautical chain, but only 370 had budgets to analyze: those of the capital companies (Spa and Srl) that are required to submit the accounting documents to the Chambers of Commerce. So, we have the exact picture of 20% of the companies in the supply chain. The remaining 80% consists of partnerships (Snc, Sas), individual companies, craftsmen and all those who do not have the obligation to deposit.

A world of very small companies that produces revenues and employment and - as explained by Cna and Confartigianato - lives by industry but, at the same time, makes industry live.

In 2022, the 370 companies of the nautical chain of Sardinia have generated a total of 403 million euros of revenues. The nautical one is the fifth greatest company of the Sardinia in terms of turnover and arrives after Saras (14 billion euros of oil), Sarlux (2 miiardi of energy), Fiume Santo (927 million euros of energy) and Fratelli Ibba (EUR 493 million in organised mass distribution)

Olbia and Arbatax poles for construction

The shipbuilding industry has two production centers in Olbia and Arbatax for the construction of boats. In this segment there are 141 companies, of which 24 have budgets deposited for revenues pairs to 55 million and 243 direct workers, the group has a total of 55 million dollars of revenues.

The most important companies are located in Olbia. The SNO group, which owns the B-Shiver of the Novamarine brand, is in first place with almost 21 million revenue in 2022; follows M.Y.I, which owns more than 15 million; and Tender One, which owns the G-Tender brand, is in fourth place with 3.5 million dollars.

Exports account for 50% of Sardinian production

Of the 55 million revenues from construction, almost half is destined for export. Malta ($5.9 million), Cayman Islands ($7.4 million), France ($5.3 million), United Arab Emirates ($2.3 million), Panama ($2.1 million) and the United States ($1.8 million) are the main destination markets for the production of yachts and inflatables "Made in Sardinia".

Refitting and storage

The Sardinian enterprises that take care of refits, repairs and garaging, the other voice of the shipbuilding, have 437 direct dependent and generate revenues for 65,3 million. In this case, we examined 59 financial statements filed for all 409 companies in the segment. S.N.O Service of Olbia is the largest company in Sardinia with a turnover of 12.6 million euros.

The commerce of the nautical one

The commerce of boats and nautical products, the final segment of the nautical chain that we have examined, has a turnover of 100 million and 324 dependent. These are the numbers extracted from 66 financial statements of 219 companies in the segment.

Again, the most important companies are located in Gallura. SNO Yachts International of Olbia has a turnover of 11.4 million euros.

Sardinia first in Italy for berths

Sardinia is the first Italian region for the number of berths, with 40 thousand, according to the most recent update of the Region. This is the ranking of municipalities with the largest number of places available:

Nautical tourism

How is nautical tourism classified? In this case, we examined the budgets of companies that manage marinas, provide assistance to yachts, transport passengers with boats, rent boats or inflatables and manage assistance to yachts. 221 balance sheets of these companies were filed on 1,116 total companies. It is the segment with the highest turnover: 172 million and 1,246 direct jobs.

Three of the five most profitable companies are located in the area between Porto Rotondo and the Costa Smeralda. The Porto Cervo Marina, managed by the Costa Smeralda group, invoice 16.3 million euros, followed by the Marina of Portorotondo, managed by the Molinas group, which accounts for over 10 million euros, and the fourth, the Marina of Portisco, which accounts for 5.7 million euros.

The Costa Smeralda and superyachts

Sardinia, thanks to Costa Smeralda, is one of the best destinations for superyachts in the world. In July and August, from 2018 to 2023, Cipnes and UniOlbia conducted an attendance study.

According to Marine Traffic satellite data, there were 6,682 yachts in this area. They were 2,330 in the summer of 2023 (July and August), an increase of 30.7% compared to the same period of 2018.

306 $16 billion yachts

We verified that 306 of the 6,682 yachts and superyachts present between 2018 and 2023 had a total value of 16 billion dollars. For the same duration, we discovered, thanks to the Superyachtfan site, that the owners of the yachts were from the United States of America (57), the United Kingdom (28), Russia (35) and Italy (27).

The economic impact of superyachts

We can estimate the economic impact of the superyachts on the territory taking back a study lead from The European House-Ambrosetti for Genoa for Yachting. As specified by the promoters, the study takes into account "the direct impact on the marinas, services and shipyards; the indirect impact on the downstream and upstream economic sectors; induced, as a result of consumption achieved thanks to wages paid to employees in the sector and the sectors activated; catalysed, as a result of direct expenditure on the territory by crews and shipowners".

This is the result of the presence of a superyacht for the territory. Yacht of over 90 meters, 40.302 euros in economic revenue for the territory. The impact is 45,154 euros for yachts between 75 and 89 meters and 18,843 euros between 51 and 74 meters. Between 36 and 50 meters, it is 6,379 euros.

Boating as a sustainable sector

Sardinia has a strategic position in boating. The island, located in the middle of the Mediterranean, is the ideal place for superyacht flows from Turkey, Greece, France (Corsica and the French Riviera) and Spain (Balearic Islands).

And Sardinia still has many margins of increase for the field of the nautical one and the nautical tourism. Every summer 4000 superyachts are stationed in the Mediterranean, half of which cross the Costa Smeralda.

Like asserted during the nautical Fair of Sardinia to Porto Rotondo, the Sardinia Region and the Cipnes Gallura believe that the strategic Plan of the Zes Unica, than the Government will approve in the next few months, would have to include the nautical like field to "to promote and to strengthen".

A Zes Nautica Sardinia will have two benefits. With the superyachts in Costa Smeralda, the destination Sardinia will be promoted internationally. And it will allow to the enterprises that wish to invest in the Zes, like the construction of yachts, the refits and the management of tourist ports, to approach the deep ones of the Pnrr.

The naval engineers and the innovative start-up

Olbia, but in general all Sardinia, is a great hub of boating. And companies have shown they want to grow by asking for two things: more naval engineers and more innovative solutions for materials and production and management processes.

The UniOlbia University Consortium - together with its strategic partners, including Cipnes Gallura and the Municipality of Olbia - has worked to give concrete answers to the two needs.

Thanks to the sensitivity and farsightedness of the two Sardinian Universities, courses and departments closely linked to the world of boating will be born.

Offered from the University of Cagliari, from the academic year 2024/2025 will start in Olbia, in the premises ex Sep in the Roman port, the triennial course of Naval Engineering, the fifth in Italy. Afterwards there will also be a master’s degree, curated by Federico II of Naples.

Also from the next academic year, the University of Sassari will establish in Olbia the Department of Innovation, the first in the history of the city, which among its tasks will have to study and apply innovations to the strategic sectors of Sardinia, including boating.

▶️ Report "Sailing in Sardinia 2024"