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21 May 2024, 08.29 AM

Work started at the Mater Olbia for the classrooms of Nursing and Innovation

Mater Olbia, partner of the consortium UniOlbia, has started work for the construction, in a facility next to the hospital of excellence, the spaces that will host the degree course in Nursing in Olbia of the University of Sassari and the structure of the Department of Innovation, constituted in the city always by the university of Sassari. ▶️ For info click here

The interior works (pictured below the rendering) concern a newly built building, arranged on several levels, overlooking the mouth of the river Padrongianus and is, on several sides, surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation. The building is accessed from the square of the hospital Mater Olbia and also from other points. Operations are underway to make entry easier and to have more green.


According to the agreements between Mater Olbia and UniOlbia, the works (photo below) will be completed by the end of summer 2024, in time for the beginning of the academic year 2024/2025. The structure is in the availability of accommodation of UniOlbia, which will make it operational and functional. There will be almost 270 places to attend university classes.


A large part of the building will be occupied by the degree course in Nursing, which will be made official by the University of Sassari at the end of May, when the bureaucratic path will be completely completed. Classes will start in October 2024; registrations will be open from July. The University of Sassari will provide the official communications.

As explained by the rector of Sassari Gavino Mariotti, in a recent visit to Olbia, it is the first time that a degree course in medicine is held outside Sassari. It is a sign of the importance that the University of Sassari attributes to the agreement with UniOlbia, which gives administrative and logistical support to the course, and with Mater Olbia, and to the possibility for recent graduates to find employment quickly in a city, Olbia, who needs these professionals.


Another area of the building will be destined to the offices of the newly founded Department of Innovation, wanted by the University of Sassari in Olbia, identified with an innovative city and with a lively and technological entrepreneurial fabric.

The classrooms of the Department of Innovation will then be placed in the Pte del Cipnes, a structure that is being completed in the consortium production district of Olbia. The solution to Mater Olbia is therefore provisional and destined to be replaced by the definitive structure of the PTE. The availability of the University of Sassari, UniOlbia and partners such as the hospital has however allowed the start of the preparatory phase of the Department, which at full capacity will have three degree courses in Olbia.


All areas of the building (as seen in the renderings that we publish in this article) will be modern and functional, with high-quality furnishings and high-tech equipment. For students, in addition to the classrooms, there will be common areas. 

Once completed, the building will have access to the ground floor and welcome desk services. On the first floor: a classroom of 77 seats, including workstations for students with impaired mobility; two rooms for administrative offices, including the teaching secretariat, and toilets. On the second floor: a classroom of 84 seats, including workstations for students with mobility difficulties; an area with study stations and libraries, and toilets. On the third floor: two classrooms with 54 seats each, and toilets. 


▶️ The Three-Year Plan of Activities of the UniOlbia Consortium