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01 Mar 2024, 15.58 PM

How will the degree course in Naval Engineering in Olbia

The University of Cagliari, with the support of UniOlbia, has formalized the start of the degree course in Naval Engineering in Olbia for the academic year 2024/2025.

The new offer - which marks a turning point for higher education and for the nautical industry in Sardinia - was presented in the University Citadel of Monserrato during the orientation days attended by over 10 thousand high school students.

Let’s look at everything there is to know about the new degree, from exams to housing, from job opportunities to the period when registration starts.

The nautical district of Olbia

Olbia represents the district of the nautical industry in Sardinia. In 2023, the enterprises of the nautical one installed in the productive area of the Cipnes to Olbia have become 85 and are very 13.7%, of the total of the enterprises.

In Olbia there are many major producers. Among these, SNO that is among the top 10 in Italy for revenues and produces the boats Novamarine; Maori Yacht; G-Tender; Valdettaro. Recently acquired an area Sacs Tecnorib Spa, born from the aggregation between Sacs and Tecnorib and licensee of the brands Pirelli and P0 for speedboats.

The needs of the nautical enterprises

The explicit request of naval engineers by the companies of Olbia has stimulated the establishment of the new degree course, aimed at meeting the needs of a rapidly changing market. 

Entrepreneurs are now available to integrate Naval Engineering students in the daily operations of their companies, as they explained to the University of Cagliari and UniOlbia.

The choice of location for the courses is highly symbolic. It will be in the former Sep (Service excavations ports), a large area with more buildings on the sea, next to the shipyards. There is therefore a direct synergy between the academic and the productive world. 

Superyacht world record holder Italy

The degree course in Naval Engineering in Olbia becomes the fourth after those of Trieste, Genoa and Naples and serves - especially in central and southern Italy - to strengthen Italian industry.

Italy is in fact one of the main nations producing superyachts worldwide, with companies such as Azimut-Benetti and Sanlorenzo that are positioned at the first and second place in the Global Order Book 2024. 

This primacy underlines the vital importance of naval engineering for the national economy and justifies the investment in education and training of new professionals in the sector, increasingly indispensable.

The role of Fincantieri

But Italy also has a leading public shipbuilding company: Fincantieri. 

Fincantieri is one of the largest shipbuilding groups in the world in the design and construction of cruise ships, military and offshore ships. 

In 2022, the company recorded revenues of 6.3 billion euros: the field of the ships from cruise has contributed for 65% to the revenues totals, with a value of 4,1 billion euros; the naval field has generated 2,1 billion euros of revenues, pairs to 33% of the total. 

Costa Smeralda main destination

As for superyachts, the sea space between Porto Rotondo and Porto Cervo is one of the main international destinations, as evidenced by the UniOlbia/Cipnes study.

Between 2018 to 2023, in Costa Smeralda and Porto Rotondo arrived 6,682 yachts, with a total of 357 days and 56,429 movements for a total value of 15 billion 625 million dollars. 

Just the proximity to the Costa Smeralda offers students in Naval Engineering of Olbia the opportunity to study the flows of luxury boating and to live completely immersed in the boating industry.

Career opportunities

The data analysis of Almalaurea and Jobbydoo and JobPricing’s "University Report 2023" highlights promising career prospects for graduates in naval engineering.

The number of graduates in Naval Engineering in Italy is stable: 127 in 2019, 136 in 2020, 125 in 2021 and 103 in 2022, according to Almalaurea data. 

They are still too low numbers because the demand is strong. Almost 95% of naval engineers have jobs after a year of graduating, still according to AlmaLaurea.

Ben 85 has an open-ended contract five years after graduation, according to the AlmaLaurea report. 

Higher wages

The industry offers not only a constant demand for specialized skills but also competitive wages.

According to Jobbydoo, the average annual salary of a naval engineer in Italy is 43,500 euros gross per year, with growth prospects based on experience and specialization.

According to the JobPricing’s “University Report 2023”, The salary of a naval engineer in 2022, in the age group 25-34 years, was 34,626 euros, being the highest in Italy for that segment.

An innovative curriculum

The Olbia degree program is designed to offer a balanced training between theory and practice, with a strong emphasis on innovation and sustainability in the marine industry. 

Students will benefit from a unique educational experience, with the possibility to participate in real projects in collaboration with the companies of the nautical district, thus acquiring the necessary skills to face the future challenges of the industry. ▶️ The teachings of Naval Engineering in Olbia

Accommodation and the Campus

To help students, UniOlbia - together with its partners - offers more than 50 accommodation units in the Geovillage hotel in Olbia, a few hundred metres from the former Sep.

They are beds equipped with the comforts of a 4-star hotel, with large and well-lit rooms, each with comfortable bathrooms and areas dedicated to study and relaxation. The rooms are immersed in the green of the Geovillage and a few steps from the tennis courts, paddle and the gym of Geo.

The area, controlled by the industrial consortium Cipnes Gallura, owner of the complex, will also host teachers and is the University Campus of Olbia.

The importance of the degree

The "University Report 2023" underlines the importance of tertiary education in the Italian labour market, highlighting how graduates enjoy higher career opportunities and higher salaries than non graduates. This trend is also reflected in the shipbuilding industry, where advanced training opens the door to high positions and competitive wages.

The inscriptions in Naval Engineering

Starting the Bachelor of Science in Naval Engineering in Olbia represents a significant opportunity for students interested in joining a dynamic and growing industry. 

With the support of UniOlbia and the University of Cagliari, future naval engineers will be prepared to face successfully the challenges of the global market, contributing to the innovation and sustainable development of the marine industry.

Registrations will open soon, giving students the chance to navigate towards a bright and rewarding professional future. University of Cagliari and UniOlbia will communicate the opening of the registrations on their institutional and social sites. 

For information, please write to segreteria@uniolbia.it or send a message on Instagram to the UniOlbia account.