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22 Dec 2023, 11.52 AM

The UniOlbia Assembly approves the three-year Programme of activities

At a meeting held at UniOlbia in Via Porto Romano in Olbia, On 20 December, the Assembly of the Consortium Polo Universitario Olbia outlined a series of strategic developments and future plans that mark an important phase of growth and commitment towards higher education and territorial development.

The President of UniOlbia, Aldo Carta, opened the Assembly recalling the figure of Don Raimondo Satta, one of the founding members of UniOlbia, underlining his invaluable contribution to its birth and growth. A tribute was also paid to Professor Lucia Giovanelli for her commitment to the Board before her resignation for professional and personal reasons.

Changes in the Board of Directors 

The Assembly appreciated the entry of the Rector of the University of Sassari, Gavino Mariotti, into the Board of Directors, underlining the attention of the University of Sassari towards UniOlbia. Mariotti explained that he wanted to participate directly in the Board, as Rector, to represent the commitment of the University, which will be active in Olbia with more Departments. The Assembly was attended by Don Giorgio Diana, parish priest of the church of Stella Maris in Porto Cervo and director of the Institute, as representative of the Euro-Mediterranean Institute partner.

The entrance of Mater Olbia as a member

In addition, the Board of Directors welcomed the highest representative of Mater Olbia, the CEO Marcello Giannico, recognizing the importance of this health excellence for Olbia and Sardinia.

The Assembly unanimously accepted the request for membership of the UniOlbia Consortium presented by Mater Olbia, which is now a partner together with the University of Sassari, Municipality of Olbia, Geasar, Protected Marine Area of Tavolara Capo Coda Cavallo, Aspo, Sinergest, Euro-Mediterranean Institute and Cipnes Gallura.

Financial approvals and future plans

During the Assembly, the balance sheet for 2022 and the forecast budget for the years 2023, 2024 and 2025 were approved, outlining a path of stability and growth for UniOlbia.

Innovation and academic growth

The President Carta highlighted the commitment of UniOlbia and the Universities in the realization of new degree courses in Olbia in the Academic Year 2024/2025, including Nursing of the University of Sassari, Naval Engineering of the University of Cagliari and courses of Innovation of the University of Sassari.

Innovation will be the first Department in history to open Olbia, a milestone of great importance for the city. The Rector Gavino Mariotti stressed the importance of having invested in a crucial sector for the future in Olbia and highlighted the extraordinary fact of a degree course in medicine held in a different venue than Sassari.

Infrastructure projects

The Mayor of Olbia, Settimo Nizzi, announced the start of work for March 2024 of the new teaching centre of the Economy of Tourism of Disea courses in the former Upim/Standa for March 2024 and the construction of a new library next to the UniOlbia headquarters. These projects represent a significant expansion of the educational and cultural infrastructure of Olbia.

University housing

The President Carta recalled the commitment to the construction and housing for students away from home, such as those made available to the Cipnes Gallura, in agreement with Ersu, in the Geovillage. The president then explained that UniOlbia is working on a plan for a structured and long-term housing offer, also with the intervention of private individuals, for the construction of the Campus in Olbia.

Cultural recognition

UniOlbia decided to join the Giovanni Michelucci Foundation in Florence, in memory of the great architect who left his mark in Olbia with the theater, reaffirming his commitment to cultural promotion and innovation.