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17 Apr 2024, 14.26 PM

The commitment of the University of Cagliari for the territories of Sardinia

At a time when educational advancement is fundamental to economic sustainability, the rector of the University of Cagliari, Francesco Mola, during the inauguration of the 403rd Academic Year stressed the importance of the new degree course in Naval Engineering in Olbia.

This course, the fifth of its kind in Italy, not only marks an important chapter for Olbia but also represents a crucial piece in the commitment of the university for the comprehensive growth of all the territories of Sardinia.

Commitment for new generations territory

The University of Cagliari shows an attention towards the new generations and the territorial dynamics, evidencing as the nautical one is not only one of the leading fields of the island economy, but also a fertile field for new talents and innovations. The Bachelor of Naval Engineering in Olbia - triennial but also with a master’s degree program - is designed to provide students with the technical and theoretical skills necessary to excel in this field, preparing them to become professionals able to contribute significantly to the nautical industry, so essential for the economy of Sardinia.

Social and economic growth

The educational offer of the University of Cagliari extends well beyond the new course in Naval Engineering. With a varied range of degree programs, the university is committed to covering different areas of knowledge, promoting the social and economic growth of the island. Each course is structured to develop specific skills in students, preparing them to enter the world of work with a solid and comprehensive preparation, ready to face the challenges of the future.

An opportunity for Olbia and Sardinia

The choice of Olbia as the location for this new degree course is not accidental but is the result of a well-considered strategy that aims to enhance every area of Sardinia, making higher education accessible and inclusive.

This project - built together with the enterprises of the nautical cluster of Olbia, one of the most important of Olbia, and the support of the Cipnes Gallura and the Municipality of Olbia - is part of a broader framework of initiatives that the University of Cagliari is carrying out to ensure that education is a true driver of development and territorial integration.

The degree course in Naval Engineering in Olbia is a symbol of the commitment of the University of Cagliari towards the new generations and the Sardinian territory. Through this and other educational initiatives, the university confirms its historical and great role in higher education and in supporting the economic and social growth of Sardinia, projecting the region towards new horizons of innovation.