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22 Nov 2023, 15.27 PM

Uniss Innovation Department is born in Olbia

The University of Sassari has marked a significant milestone in its history with the establishment of two new Departments: the Department of Engineering in Sassari and the Department of Innovation in Olbia.

The new Department of Olbia - the first ever to be born in the city of Gallura - was presented on 21 November, in the auditorium of the University of Sassari, by Rector Gavino Mariotti, together with Settimo Nizzi (mayor of Olbia) and Aldo Carta (President of the Association “Consorzio Polo Universitario Olbia”, known as UniOlbia)

This initiative underlines the commitment of the University of Sassari to strengthen its presence in Sardinia, especially in the territory of Olbia and Gallura, and to contribute to the improvement of the region’s position in the national and international market.

7 degree courses in Olbia

The creation of the Department is part of a broad development plan of the UniOlbia consortium, which will soon offer 7 degree courses with the University of Sassari.

In Olbia will be active in fact Disea (Department of Economics and Business Sciences) with the three-year degree courses in "Economics and Management of Tourism", the master’s degree - "Business Economics curriculum Tourism Management" and the 2Master degree - Innovation Management for Sustainable Tourism"; the Department of Medicine, Surgery and Pharmacy with the three-year degree course in Nursing; and the Department of Innovation with the three-year degree course in "Innovation for territorial development" and master’s degrees in "Design Systems for Territorial Planning" and "Innovation Design for Sustainable Development".

A new centre for Innovation

The Innovation Department will be housed in the modern structure of the PTE (Europe Technology Platform) of Cipnes Gallura, which is being completed in the consortium production district. The Department will be on the first floor, in an area of 2250 square meters. 

The PTE represents not only an academic advancement but also an important point of reference for the local scientific and industrial community.

The pillars of the Department: interdisciplinarity and collaboration

The Innovation Department - illustrated by the project coordinator Professor Francesco Morandi - is characterized by its transversal nature, interacting and collaborating closely with different faculties and departments of the university, including Agriculture, Architecture (DADU), Law, Economics and Business Sciences (DiSEA), Humanities and Social Sciences (Dumas) and Veterinary Medicine. This interdisciplinary approach ensures an integrated and comprehensive approach to innovation, essential to addressing contemporary challenges in different fields.

An innovative training offer

The Department will offer a bachelor’s degree in "Innovation for Territorial Development" and master’s degrees in "Design Systems for Territorial Planning" and "Innovation Design for Sustainable Development". In addition, international advanced training courses are planned in collaboration with prestigious institutions such as MIT, Cornell University and Paris 1_Sorbonne. This training program aims to prepare future leaders and professionals in various sectors, equipping them with the necessary skills to drive innovation and sustainable development.

The impact on the territory of Olbia

The establishment of the Department of Innovation is a significant step towards strengthening the link between the University of Sassari and the economic and social structure of Olbia and Sardinia in general. The Department is expected to act as a catalyser for new collaborations, research and developments in key focus areas such as strategic planning and sustainable development.

A future of opportunities

With the creation of the Department of Innovation, the University of Sassari not only expands its educational offer but actively engages in creating a fertile environment for research, learning and innovation. This new department is destined to become a center of excellence and a reference point in Olbia, the city of the future, bringing new opportunities for growth, development and innovation for Sardinia and Italy.