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A study about superyachts in Costa Smeralda from 2018 to 2023

In the summer of 2023, the Costa Smeralda and Porto Rotondo were consolidated as a district of luxury boating in the Mediterranean. The number of superyachts in that stretch of sea, from July to August, has indeed established the new historical record. These are the data of a study carried out by Cipnes Gallura, together with UniOlbia, with satellite data, the first of its kind in Sardinia, on the presence of yachts from 2018 to 2023. 

The study - made available to students, researchers, entrepreneurs, workers - is interrative and can be consulted here: 

A 5-year analysis of the superyacht trend

As of 2018, the number of superyachts in Costa Smeralda has shown steady growth. Initially recording 1,782 units, the number rose to 2,330 in 2023, with a concentration of 57.66% in August. This upward trend is reflected in the total of 6,682 yachts recorded over five years, testifying to the growing attractiveness of the destination.


Percentage increase and 2023 comparative data

Compared to 2018, 2023 saw a 30.7% increase in the number of yachts. This growth highlights the increasing attractiveness of the Costa Smeralda as a favorite destination for luxury nautical tourism.

Movements and permanence of superyachts

The total number of superyacht movements from 2018 to 2023 was 56,429, with 357 days of attendance. These figures indicate an increase in both the number of yachts and the duration of their stays, from 10,335 movements in 2018 to 12,998 in 2023.


Economic value and geographical distribution

The total value of the yachts arrived in the Costa Smeralda in this period amounts to 15 billion and 625 million dollars. The United States leads the ranking by value, followed by Russia, Greece and Qatar. The yacht "Flying Dagger" stands out for the greater number of days spent in the region.

Profile of the owners of superyachts

The ranking by nationality of the yacht owners sees in first place the United States, followed by Russia, United Kingdom, Italy and Germany. This aspect underlines the wide international appeal of the Costa Smeralda and Porto Rotondo in luxury tourism.


Size of the craft

The fleet varies greatly in size, with 21 yachts of 50 meters, 16 of 60 meters and other categories that demonstrate the ability of the Costa Smeralda to accommodate boats of different sizes.

Role of Cipnes Gallura and UniOlbia in the project

This study, conceived and realized by Cipnes Gallura with the collaboration of UniOlbia, aims to analyze the luxury nautical sector. The objective was to provide a clear and detailed picture of the current landscape, emphasizing the role of Olbia and Gallura as centers of excellence in the Mediterranean for luxury boating. 

The study can be consulted interractively (yacht name, yacht owners name, presences, movements, yacht value...) and is available here: