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29 Dec 2023, 15.09 PM

University in Olbia: 11 thousand euros per year of savings for students

An in-depth study of the costs of off-campus university students reveals a very clear picture: studying in your own city, as in Olbia, can mean significant annual savings for families and students.

According to the analysis of the various expenditure factors - taxes, accommodation, meals, transport, teaching materials, cultural and recreational activities, health and well-being - the total annual cost for a student in Olbia can reach
 19,091 euros if he studies in Northern Italy and 17,342 if he studies in Central Italy.

For the Olbies, the cost of the University in Olbia would be 8,223 per year: for them, studying in their own city would therefore mean saving almost 11 thousand euros per year.

These are the data of the study "Universitari al verde", carried out at the end of the year by the Unione degli Universitari, Federconsumatori and Isscon and that UniOlbia has analyzed and reworked.

In particular, the expenditure on accommodation is one of the most substantial costs, with an average rent in Italy of about 350 euros per month, which can rise considerably in cities such as Milan, where you get to 645 euros per month, or Bologna, where you get to 500.

Meals, especially in university canteens or in affiliated establishments, vary considerably from region to region, with Northern Italy tending to present higher costs than the South.

Transportation also has a significant impact on students' budgets, with the cost of the annual city pass that can vary greatly depending on the region, making it more expensive in the North. To these costs, obviously, in the case of Sardinian students should be added those for travel by ship or plane to and from the island.

The expenses on culture, social and recreational activities, and on health and well-being are also not insignificant items of expenditure.

This situation is about to change radically for the students of Olbia (but, in general, of all Sardinia) thanks to the strategic commitment of UniOlbia in partnership with the universities of Sassari and Cagliari. With the introduction of the new degree courses in Nursing, Naval Engineering and Innovation, in addition to the already existing courses in Tourism Economics, Olbia is preparing to become a landmark university throughout Gallura but also in the rest of the island. 

These courses not only respond to the educational needs of the territory but also represent an opportunity for students to stay in their city, drastically reducing the costs related to life away from home and contributing to local development.

According to the report, studying in your own city, in the South, costs in fact 8,223 euros against 19,091 euros that a Sardinian student must spend in a university of Milan, Turin or Bologna.

Thanks to these initiatives, studying in Olbia could therefore save almost 11,000 euros per year compared to attending a university in northern Italy, a significant amount that can make a difference for many young people and their families.

With UniOlbia, higher education becomes more accessible and sustainable, demonstrating that the quality of education can be excellent even outside the large urban centers of the north.

This represents an important step towards the creation of a more inclusive and integrated university system with local needs, projecting Olbia into the future as a university and research city.