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22 Jan 2024, 14.47 PM

New accommodation at the Geovillage for University students in Olbia

In the context of the educational expansion in Sardinia, the UniOlbia consortium and its partners have recently taken a significant step to improve the university accommodation offer in Olbia.

In a strategic move, UniOlbia, together with the University of Sassari, the Cipnes Gallura, the Municipality of Olbia and the Ersu (Regional Body for the Right to University Study), signed a memorandum of understanding that marks a new era for the housing of the University of Olbia.


Agreement protocol

With this Agreement protocol, Cipnes Gallura has converted many rooms of the hotel of the Geovillage of Olbia, owned by the Industrial Consortium, in comfortable accommodation for university students, in particular for those who attend the degree courses in Tourism Economics at the University of Sassari and, in perspective, the new ones that will be activated in the city.

This initiative, part of the mission of UniOlbia to promote higher education and support the new generations of Sardinia, is a striking example of the institution’s commitment to strengthening the educational infrastructure of the Region.

 Here the Agreement protocol


Financing and implementation

The project received significant support in the form of funding of over 2 million euros from the University Ministry. Thanks to this support, Cipnes Gallura has transformed the former hotel into 53 university accommodation, all equipped with the comforts of a 4-star hotel, with comfortable bathrooms and study spaces.

Housing occupancy

To date, of these 53 lodgings, 13 have been assigned to the students beneficiaries of the Ersu call, while another 3 places have been occupied by students outside the call. In total, 16 accommodations are currently in use, still leaving numerous possibilities for interested students.

University students can apply for one of these accommodations, both for the current academic year and for the future, by contacting investingallura@cipnes.it.


A rich offer of sports

Recently, Cipnes and UniOlbia have further enriched the offer for university students at Geovillage. They organized a meeting between the students and the managers of three sports practiced in the Sports Hall of the Geovillage: tennis, judo and volleyball.

The executives of Sporting Geovillage (tennis), Hermaea (volleyball) and Olbia Sports Center (judo) illustrated the benefits of the sport and guaranteed to university students discounts for both hours and rates.

These meetings stimulated the interest of the students, many of whom showed enthusiasm for the possibility of practicing sports within walking distance of their accommodation and at convenient times.


A University Campus

Cipnes does not stop there: it is working to create a dedicated sports space inside the Palazzetto, reserved for students and university teachers.

This is only the first step towards the creation of a real University Campus of Olbia in Geovillage, which will be connected to the places of lessons through the urban lines of Aspo.

In the future, in addition to the degree courses in Tourism Economics, there are further degree courses from the Universities of Sassari and Cagliari, such as Naval Engineering (Unica), Nursing and Innovation (Uniss).

This last degree course will be the first of the newborn Innovation Department of the University of Sassari, based in Olbia.

 Here the info on Naval Engineering

 Here the info on Innovation

 Here the info on Nursing


Growth and Future Development

With the increasing number of degree courses and the expansion of the educational offer, the Olbia University Campus is destined to become a nerve center for higher education in Sardinia. Cipnes is planning to further expand university housing or to encourage private investors to invest in this sector.


Inclusion as a mission

In conclusion, UniOlbia’s commitment to building Olbia University housing at Geovillage not only provides students with a high quality living and study environment but also emphasizes the strategic importance of higher education for business and new generations in Sardinia.

With this project, UniOlbia wants to play a crucial role in promoting the degree courses and in contributing, in an inclusive way, to the economic and cultural progress of the region.